Outpatient Mental Health


The Montgomery County Health Department has a telehealth protocol during this time of COVID-19. Confidentiality is a key factor in successful counseling and we will make sure that protecting your privacy is the highest priority. These are difficult times and we are aware that counseling over the phone is not always the most comfortable approach for some people, but we have found it to be effective with most clients and it is certainly better than suffering with issues alone. We will work from home and have a confidential area so that our conversations will be private. 
When you are notified by the office that you have an appointment, you will receive a private call to your number at the designated time with your counselor. If you need to reschedule the appointment, please call our office at 217-532-2001 as soon as possible.


Our services include mental health assessment and evaluation, individual and family counseling, psychiatric evaluation, ongoing psychiatric follow-up with medication monitoring, and facilitation of inpatient hospitalization.


For more information please call 532-2001.