Psychiatric and Psychological Services

MCHD offers psychiatric services for those in our Mental Health and Substance Abuse Programs with licensed Psychiatrist Mental Health Nurse Practitioners*. The PMHNPs provide diagnostic screenings and prescribe medications such as anti-depressants and anti-psychotics as needed. The individual may continue to see the PMHNPs even after their treatment is complete by being transferred to our Case Management Program.

*Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioners - Sandra Cania, Jennifer Thery

Consulting Psychiatrist for Sandra Cania - Arif Habib, M.D.

Consulting Psychiatrist for Jennifer Thery - Sanjay Nigam, M.D.

MCHD also offers services from a Licensed Psychologist. A client can be seen by referral from MCHD Mental Health or Substance Use Disorder staff. The psychologist can do an array of testing and assessments appropriate to each client.

Psychologist - Michele Womontree, Psy.D.