The following equalization factor is being applied to all real estate assessments in the following townships, after local assessor changes, but before Board of Review action for the tax year of 2022 payable in 2023. Any changes other than equalization will be published in another area of this newspaper. Equalization factors will be applied to all real estate, except that which is assessed under Paragraph 20E of the Illinois Revenue Act. This notice is being given in accordance with section 95A Illinois Revenue Act of 1939, revised by Public Act (88.821), which modified section 103 of the Revenue Act, of 1939.

Audubon  0.9770
 Bois D’Arc 1.0821
 Butler Grove  1.1030
 East Fork 1.0776
 Fillmore Consolidated 1.0794
 Grisham 1.0796
 Harvel 1.0711
 Hillsboro 1.1103
 Irving 1.0871
 Nokomis 0.9744
 North Litchfield 1.0517
 Pitman 1.0830
 Raymond 1.0833
 Rountree 1.0789
 South Litchfield 1.1033
 Walshville 1.0853
 Witt 1.0809
 Zanesville 1.0794