Gis Technician / Plat Act Officer

Kevin Brink

Montgomery County GIS Office
#1 Old Courthouse Sq. Rm 305
Hillsboro, IL  62049 

GIS (geographic information systems), is a computer system capable of storing, manipulating, assembling and displaying geographically referenced information.

Trained personnel are able to link topographic, demographic, images and other resource data that is spatially referenced. If you have ever used an internet mapping program to find directions, congratulations you've just used GIS. Here at Montgomery County our GIS office maintains the parcel boundary lines, creates special project maps, and assissts other departments in creating and maintaing maps for their use ie... Montgomery County EMA disaster relief shelters, economic developments enterprise zones, natural hazard tornado maps to name just a few. 

Maps are available to the public for a reasonable fee, the fee schedule may be obtained at the GIS office located on the third floor of the old court house.